PTFE-Tube Gas-Gas Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

  • Main application: leakage free heat recovery around a scrubber
  • Economic alternative to a water coupled closed loop GGH system
  • Designed for extremely corrosive gas (incl. HF) and operation at a temperature below acid dew point
  • Full fluoroplastic tubes made of PTFE
  • Fluoroplastic-lined casing
  • Cleaning system if necessary


Gas-Gas Heat Exchanger with Fluoroplastic-Lined Glass Tubes

  • Economical and reliable heat exchanger for corrosive, low HF gas to gas applications
  • Mainly used for heat recovery downstream of a scrubber, e.g. as low-temperature heat exchanger for tail end SCR DeNOx reactors
  • Process gas heat recovery
  • Leakage free
  • Compound of fluoroplastic lining and glass results in a robust tube with non-stick properties  of the surface

Gas-Gas Heat Exchanger with Steel Tubes

  • High-temperature heat exchanger without corrosion protection operated at a temperature above corrosive conditions
  • Main application: leakage free heat recovery around a SCR DeNOx reactor in waste to energy plants or steel pickling plants

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